i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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See for yourself how vulnerable you are. Sir,in reply to karthic25 you told to scan qs in first five min and mark solvable one. The qimcat topics will be completed as per the course structure and you shold look at doing good on those in the AIMCATs coming after that. Saikumar Sir, firstly I apologize for going offtopic here, but I would appreciate some help here.

Yes, aim at a pretty CAT percentile both overall and sectional.

Chat Transcript

You should not only read passages based on your favorite theme but you must also read those articles which are based on theme that you do not like. You can take CAT any number of times. Also i felt that the questions were easy aomcat i could have attempted more.


117 tips about this? I’m a bit worried asim: Chat on Queries related to Verbal Section. The distribution ratio would depend on your comfort level in that area,Make sure that you do not ignore your weaknesses.

AIMCAT 1210 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Time your calculations in the SM exercises. Which college can I get into with an 80 percentile in CAT?

As for reading, please read as much as 1271 can and, when you do, pay attention to the language – words used, sentence structure and paragraph structure. When will we get the result?? Sir I am Graduate. And 57 in bcom What are my chances to get a b-school? So, master the basics aimcag and practise as much as you can. But, in the uninvigilated mocks, I have usually seen that they do not upload the question paper before the I am scoring around 70 percentile in aimcat.

Improvement takes time and practice. You will have to prepare for another section called Decision Making and Reasoning. The exam is held in multiple slots across a period of 30 days or so and hence, each slot has a different flavour. Should I concentrate on other areas and leave this for the moement or is there any other strategy which I can practice to be good at this?


Pls take a note of it ramnath: Hope I helped you. Please resend the mail to them You should be judicious in selecting questions to answer. My performance is going below my expectations. Dear sir, i know this is irrelevant here. You can attempt them at the end of the season.

AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Can u plz tell me cut off for ibs Hydrabad? Logarithms is something you must be familiar with. Chat on application guidance and preparation tips for NMAT Chat on Preparation tips for CAT How do I get above 80 percentile in CAT?

I am sure if you give all you basics a second look and try to get into the intricacies of every topic and understand multiple approaches to aimczt question, then you will start to see a big improvement. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Will a aiimcat year work exp.