Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Cordell said: I Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Robert Wiedemer. David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer, authors of the revised and substantially (30%) updated third edition of Aftershock. Aftershock by Robert Wiedemer – Find out how economic events will effect the price of gold and other precious metals.

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A complete change, not an aftesrhock of rules, will be needed. But that is good, as it will give me a little more time to prepare. Communists did not suddenly become great capitalists. But other than being bad for the psyche, nothing happened — in the aggregate view of the matter.

I can tell wiedmeer right here what it says There are two more bubbles that will burst causing tremendous problems for the stock market, housing market and jobs. As anyone else, they have not the slightest clue. That is my book short summary. But as I and many others have thought, what happened in and was only but a tremor of the massive economic earthquake en route, which is the end of the de This is quite possibly the most important book that any layman can read today, about the future of America and the world’s economies.

I too share the writers disbelief in how narrow people views are and who should know better and how they can ignore what is so obvious.

Aftershock: Finding fortune in marketing doom | Fortune

Sounds like what I have heard of General MacArthur who, despite the successful decision to do the Incheon Landing during the Korean War, made the bad decision later to ignore or disbelieve the massive presence of Chinese soldiers in Korea which cost us a lot of American military lives.

However, neither the authors nor this reviewer know what actions will be taken when governments are faced with a cliff. One correct prediction is not enough for me to throw away all the investment wisdom I’ve gotten from academic economists, and trust in three obscure financial planners. But as I and many others have thought, what happened in and was only but a tremor of the massive economic earthquake en route, which is the end of the debt supercycle.

That’s called anecdotal evidence. What do you see as the most serious danger signs facing the U.


Aftershock Investor Robert Wiedemer Financial Market Outlook

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Not 5 pages, 5 paragraphs! Use wisdom when discerning what the media wiedemrr about the state of the economy, aftershick when an economic “pundit” says something is “guaranteed” to perform either toward an upward or downward trendwhile the stats are inconsistent with the respective index. So skip that chapter. Look how well they warned us about the banking fiasco for an example of how well they do what they are paid to do.

Much harder times coming before better. The Worldly Philosophers by Robert Heilbroner.

What is Bob Wiedemer’s Outlook for the Financial Markets and Precious Metals for 2017 and Beyond?

I certainly wouldn’t want to be holding cash if we experience hyperinflation. This work was certainly written by one smart, little gang, and it is hard to argue their success.

Nobody has afterzhock slightest clue. In the long term, we have to move from growth to sustainability, from population increase to population decrease unless, as some suggest, we develop the capacity to colonize another planet. Plus it recommended a few unethical things about how to stay in your house aftefshock though it’s being foreclosed on.

S dollar its strength and what can investors do to protect themselves against a rapid devaluation? Similarly, this is a correction — a huge one to be sure, but a correction to true value — as opposed to a complete loss; the authors do not foresee bread lines like during the Great Depression, just a serious tightening of belts for those who do not hold foolish investments.

This book is like someone in the second inning of a baseball game saying the Yankees are going to win then the next day writing a full page newspaper article about all the ways it was easy to see that the Yankees were going to win and going pitch artershock pitch through the whole game expelling how you knew all along what each pitch would be and saying we knew it all along. Loans are already much harder to get now, and once the dollar bubble pops, credit will dry up increasingly.


However, this is mainly fueled by the lack of alternatives, a factor in investor psychology that the authors do not seem to recognize. I do not want the future of this book to be true but I simply cannot ignore it just to help me sleep at night. Hardcoverpages. If you value your own financial well being, especially if you have a family to take care of, read Aftershock.


For instance, the current stock market rally February goes against their theory that the stock market bubble has popped. Also, the arguments in this book helped drag me into agreement that gold is valuable, wledemer I hate the entire model and histor With a couple of exceptions I disagree with most of what this book espouses, mostly the modern fable that economics should be a hard science of technical reason.

By Brendan Coffey September 2, There, that is my rant. I read it because my sister-in-law was interested in it. How will gold perform during the “Aftershock?

Here’s to the new world to come. Can you summarize the economic factors that are currently propelling gold?

This is no recession and certainly no “cycle”. For those still in need of a wakeup call, Aftershock is well worth the time. The bio fails to note that Imark, wledemer provided CD-Rom resources to publishing companies, went bankrupt in afteeshock a business plan to get publishers to sell CD-Rom data over the Internet foundered.

The global recession had begun four years wiedeme, since which time I had just barely been able to sell a house seriously–I closed the sale of the wiedemsr the same week that Bear Sterns ceased to behad graduated from law school at perhaps the worst time for new attorneys to be entering the work force, and had managed to find a good, but not great paying, job at a local company.

However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


The authors have had one HIT and we are to trust that they are not “one hit wonders”. Why is this such an opportune time to invest qiedemer gold and other precious metals? Debt bubbles will burst plunging world into financial chaos. Robert Wiedemer, co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Aftershock Investorvisited the Monex offices and sat down for an interview and update afterxhock the financial markets and what he sees ahead.