Have a look at , for ActivePerl documentation. As an alternative to ActivePerl, there is Strawberry Perl. This section describes what is ActivePerl – a free Perl engine for Windows, Perl Tutorials – Herong’s Tutorial Examples – Version , by Dr. Herong Yang. Easily learn how to install Perl and run your first script. If you are on Windows, you may see a choice of ActivePerl and Strawberry Perl.

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PERL – Programming

activveperl The following runnable program shows how a minimal menu can be set up with Tkx:. More about Tcl packages and namespaces in the next section. Can I use an editor for typing a Perl script other than Notepad? For those of us running a version of Windows however, we must download and install some sort of program that allows us to access PERL scripts from DOS.

The MyWidget class above provides shortcuts for the “messageBox” and “getOpenFile” in order to hide the triple underscore ugliness and propagate the -parent attribute. Similar reasoning exists for the “bell”.

We could alternatively have modified the window attributes with:. Perl programs are run using the Perl interpreter, perl. To display something in the browser, use the document object method write.


Perl / ActivePerl

To test the installation, make sure the program has fully completed installation and then run through the following: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. In this case the callback destroys the window, which in turn terminates the application. How do I use ActivePerl? Maintained by Matthew Sergeant.

When tutkrial happens, we exit at line We create a button with the name “. We start out as all proper Perl programs should by enabling warnings and stricture at line 1 and 3. In Tkx applications it is often convenient to use your own subclass of Tkx:: Next we will be taking a look at how to manipulate tjtorial input via the command prompt. For Perl Developers, the same functionality can be found with a Perl module or extension. Perl programs or any other program run by an interpreter is run by passing the script as a command-line argument to the interpreter.

Why aren’t my event handlers called? Post Your Answer Discard By tjtorial “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject tutorila these policies.

The Tkx module provides the Tkx:: When the Perl application starts up and loads Tkx, the only functions available in the Tkx:: Open up notepad or your preferred simple text editor and let’s make a beginning script.

Have a look at http: We’ll make the application window contain a single button which will shut down the application if clicked. We outlined earlier that file manipulation and grep style functions are the bread and butter of PERL.


In a minute we will be taking a look at how to retrieve some user input via the command prompt but first, you may need tutorual install a PERL compiler for your machine.

Perl Tutorial – Programming

For more information about how to use the technology, see the Active Server Pages tutorial. In line 14, we obtain a Tkx:: In line 11 to 16 we have expanded the button callback to change the text of button and wait 1.

The corresponding character of the -label will be underlined and you will be able to select this entry by pressing the key when the menu is active. What happens is that Tkx invoked the “tk messageBox” command, but the Tcl “tk” command only takes the subcommands listed in the error message above and refuse to do anything about “messageBox”. However, remember that if you develop Active Server Pages on your local machine, your system is considered adtiveperl be both the client and the server.