programming. HP B Audio The HP B Audio Analyzer and HP E Distortion Analyzer make your audio measurements fast and easy. .. (Does not include HP-IB programming time.) . calibration manual [) and. PDF · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA HP-IB Series Programming · HP xA 5xA 7xA 8xA Progamming · HP xA, xA, xA, xA, and. Jun 8, programming instructions when properly installed on that instrument. The HP- IB address switches are located within the Modulation.

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This permits measurements in the presence of large amounts of impurities and assures that the fundamental is tuned out.

hpob Full range display from 4. Remote Mode Remote Capability. Error 65 through Error Resets many additional parameters as ;rogramming in Table The high-pass and bandpass filters are inserted before the notch filter control of the notch filter is covered in the Notch 5’bne discussion.

When the Audio Analyzer is ready to send any information except error codes or the Status Byte. Use a strong shipping container. This display means that a signal has been detected but for various reasons a measurement result is not yet available.

The controller recognizes the invalid code entry and clears the Require Service condition.

Index of /~kurt/manuals/manuals/HP Agilent

Sections 1through 5 are bound in this volume, the Operation and Calibration Manual. Adjustments described in the manual are performed with power supplied to the instrument while protective provramming are removed. This error code indicates that although the required calculation is within the capability of the instrument, the result of the calculation exceeds the display capabilities.

To make this measurement with an oscilloscope, you must first decide the nature of the signal, because from it, the relationship of the peak level to the rms level can be mathematically determined. Starting the Sweep Programmung start the frequency sweep, press: If the internal source is to be used as the stimulus signal, key in the desired frequency and amplitude.


I downloaded Agilent VEE runtime version 9. Each filter is referenced to its corresponding filter position by one of two option numbers. Adjustment 6 Notch Filter Tune and Balance.

As shown below, the output data is usually formatted as a real constant in exponential form: The mV and V units are displayed in the linear hipb or the values are converted to dBm that is, dl3 relative to 1milliwatt into load equivalent to 0.

The instrument responds to Data messages when it is enabled to remote REN control line true and it is addressed to listen or set to Listen Only.

B Operation and Calibration Manual | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Thus, the Audio Analyzer was designed. Sending the Status Byte Message Progeamming Status Byte message consists of one 8-bit byte in which 3 of the bits are set according to the enabled conditions described above under Sending the Require Service Message. The instrument then remains configured to talk untiI it is unaddressed to talk by the controller. Except in Rapid Source mode. The rating of the installed fuse is selected according to the line voltage specified by the customer.

Set impedance to 50R by keying in For Continued protection against fire hazard, replace the line fuse s only with V fuse s or the same current rating and prorgamming for example, normal blow or time delay.

Power consumption is VA maximum. The display will remain selected until the opposing display is specified or until a clear message is received or power-up occurs. The measurement is easier and usually much more accurate than could be made visually with an oscilloscope. See the Common Mode detailed operating instruction for details.


The frequency and amplitude of the input signal are displayed and the appropriate annunciators will light see Description above. Receiving the Trigger Message When in remote and addressed to listen, the Audio Analyzer responds to a Trigger message by executing one settled-measurement cycle. To test these devices, the usual approach has been to use a balanced, calibrated isolation transformer connected to an analyzer with an unbalanced input.

This is similar to the experience you have when listening to a recording at a comfortable volume, then lifting the tone arm and listening to the level of the residual hiss and hum. Now, many of proogramming Hewlett-Packard products and services are in the care of Agilent Technologies.

Once the AMPTD key has been pressed, new data and unit entries can be made to select different amplitudes until ptogramming source function key for example, the FREQ key is pressed.

As a convenience, all lower case alpha characters are treated as upper case. In addition, the Audio Analyzer may be triggered via data messages to make measurements at a particular time. The right display shows a four-digit readout of the ac power in watts but no units are indicated. This is fast enough for applications such as unsquelching pagers see Figure