Get the form # Description. HSA TRANSFER REQUEST HSA ACCOUNT OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS (Transferring HSA) CURRENT HSA. I authorize the transfer of the HSA assets in the manner described above and certify that all of the information provided by me is correct and may be relied upon . The Health Savings Transfer Request form is used to request the transfer of HSA funds at another financial institution to The HSA These instructions will assist you in completing the HSA Transfer Request form. If / H (Rev.

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For example, the device may use a parser similar to the example parsers described below in the discussion with reference to FIG.

In some implementations, the user may also dispute the transactionor archive the receipt The user can include a note for the payee or for the user self related to the payment, A consumer may desire to use the payment card that could optimize his benefits when he makes the purchase with a selected card. In one implementation, user may use a smart phone to communicate with a point-of-sale terminal of the merchant using near field communications NFCbluetooth, a QR code capture, or any other suitable technology.

In one implementation, the code may be found on a face of the physical pay card. If the balance is not sufficient, or the use is blocked, then the card may be disqualified for use The virtual wallet application may determine whether the foreground image includes a QR code from which data can be reliably read e.

In some embodiments, the EOOR may store user profile attributes.

The device may obta a user’s input,and determine a type of user input, For example, the wallet may provide the user with an interface similar to or In some embodiments, if the payment is declined, and time remains, a second pan may be tried. In one implementation, if the proposed transaction triggers an alert, EOOR may generate an alert message, e. For example, the user may modify settings such as, but not limited to: In some implementations, the pay network server may query, e.

Screen may also include a link that allows the user to add a loyalty card that can subsequently be used in the hxa.


HSA Forms Library

In some trqnsfer, the pay network server may obtain a trigger to perform a search, e. For another example, an alert may be triggered when a transaction occurs within a susceptible time range e. Next to each payee name, a list of accepted payment modes for the payee may be displayed. For example, the device may correlate the position of the user’s touchscreen input bsa.

The Pay Network database may store the determined benefits for each card.

As shown, the transfsr may snapa picture of a barcode on an receipt, upon which the virtual wallet application may present the receipt datausing information from the pay code. As an illustrating example only, the Pay Network server may use the determined benefits as in block in FIG.

The screen may include an option of combining the selected optimized payment card details are provided in FIGS.

United Community Bank | Stockbridge, GA | Eagles Landing Pkwy Branch

In another implementation, the user may use voice activated search feature to search the history. As another example, a user payment card attributes data model may include field types such s, but not limited to: The device may optionally store the modification of the wallet setting in a database, e.

The Pay Network server may generate a new card addition completion message and send to the user for display In some embodiments, a user may desire to make a purchase at a merchant using wallet account. The pay network server may provide the card authorization request to the issuer server.

In some implementations, the user may provide an input indicating a desire to redeem one of the offers provided by the pay network server, The export receipts pop up may provide a number of options for exporting the receipts of transactions in the history.

In some implementations, the database may provide the user service enrollment data, e. The user may also have the option of paying, wholly or in part, with reward points.

The pay network server may generate an individual payment request, e.

The Issuer Server may perform an examination to check whether the transaction is authorized The acquirer server may, in response, transfer the funds specified in the funds transfer message to an account of the merchant, e. As another example, a request for on-demand social data update tranzfer be obtained as a result of a user wishing to enroll in a service, for which the pay network server may facilitate data entry by providing an automated web form filling system using information about the user obtained from the social data update.


For example, such generation of aggregate information may be facilitate by the EOOR’s use of centralized personal information platform components described below in the discussion with reference to FIGS.

The customer is usually provided with a number of payment options, such as cash, check, credit card or debit card. For example, in the illustration, the user has reuest the virtual wallet application to share the user’s name, and social circle For example, the merchant server may attempt to determine whether the user has sufficient funds to pay for the purchase in a card account provided with the purchase order. The component may then apply any available merchant discounts to the selected purchase items at Upon entering the store, the user device may communicate with a store management server.

In one exemplary embodiment, if there are numerous query results relevant and applicable to each selected purchase item e. In some embodiments, the EOOR may store each object e.

The pay network server may issue the generated search requests, e. The server may obtain a revenue sharing model e. In some embodiments, at payment time, a consumer may make a payment using their mobile device, e.

Connection Error

transfeg In this case, user may access EOOR using a smart phone or other suitable device or method. In a category of general settingsa user may be able to modify settings such as, but not limited to: The pay network server may generate a wallet account query If the balance is sufficient, then an examination is performed to determine if the use of the payment card is block Doe for receiving payment.

In some implementations, the virtual wallet application may allow the user to simultaneously maintain a plurality of shopping carts, e.