12th Five Year Plan as per the draft document released by the Planning Commission aims at a growth rate of 8%. Other targets of the Twelfth Five Year Plan in different sectors are listed Hi, did we achieve the 12th FYP targets?. Twelfth Five Year Plan Planning Commission Government of India. Faster, More Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Volume 1. Download PDF. Twelfth five year plan (/)/Planning Commission, Government of India. .. inputs into the Plan formulation, and the reports are also available on the .. Foreign Trade Policy. FYP. Five Year Plan. GA. Geographic Area.

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The aspirations we have had are profound and lasting. We will accelerate the establishment of social, professional, information-based modern logistics system, vigorously develop third-party logistics, prioritise the integration and use of existing logistics resources, support the construction and linking-up of the logistics infrastructure, improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

Increase the input in poverty alleviation; steadily increase the standard of poverty alleviation; and substantially reduce the number of population living in poverty.

We will make significant reductions in the total emissions of major pollutants: Improve the social management pattern which features the Party taking the leadership, the government assuming the responsibility service-oriented governmentthe society social organisations, enterprises and public institutions providing collaborative support and the public engaged in orderly participation. Extend the application of advanced equipment and technologies to improve the IT building level of traffic.

We will optimize the development of regional distribution systems, and support the orderly development of logistics parks and other cluster areas of logistics.

12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 Targets

Improve the system to take into 21th the key elements of capital, technology and management in distribution. Poverty [ edit ] The government intends to reduce poverty by 10 per cent during the 12th Five-Year Plan.

Reform the subsidy system for public hospital and actively press forward the reform on means of payment.

Guide the clustering of production factors, and create a number of advanced manufacturing bases with international competitiveness based on key state projects. Standardize the development of the affordable house.

The Hindu Business Line.

Repory the preferential policy system for families obeying the family planning rules. In middle and small cities as well as small towns, the conditions of population transformation should be broadened according to the real situation. Having said that, our success does not come easily and the experiences we have gained are precious. Promote the industrialization and application of hi-tech reoprt, and new-generation functional and differential fibers.


Protect the legitimate income and ban illegitimate income, regulate the divers incomes in addition to salary in public institution and stated-owned enterprise. Increase the personal cyp and wage tax deduction threshold, and reasonably adjust the tax rate structure for personal income tax in the early phase of the 12 th Five-Year period; establish and improve the personal income tax system repirt combination of fjp and classification in the middle and late phase of the 12 th Five-Year period.

Market supervision will be strengthened and the domestic services market will be standardised. China needs to wisely judge and accurately grasp the development trend, making full use of various advantageous conditions to efficiently solve the protruding contradictions and issues. Develop different modes of transport proactively in a unified manner. We must enhance monitoring, advance reporting and prevention of extreme weather and climate incidents, and we must improve our capacity to guard against and alleviate natural disasters.

The above-mentioned goals will lay a decisive foundation for building a well-off society in an all aspects. Improve and encourage innovation, and guide tax support policies for investment and consumption.

Promote high-efficiency internal combustion machines, high-efficiency fhp, light-weight materials and structures, complete vehicle optimization, ordinary hybrid power technologies, and the energy conservation of automobile products.

This is the revised rate when compared to the initial approach paper. We will build up the ranks of basic medical 12tb staffs, with the emphasis on cultivation of the general medical practitioner, perfect the incentive policies for them to work in grassroot level, the share of the general medical practitioner will reach 0.

Focus on the development of steel for express railway, high-grade non-oriented silicon steel, high magnetic induction oriented silicon steel, high strength machine steel and other key steel varieties. Take advantage of resources, implement market-oriented advantage resources transmission strategy, arrange a repkrt of resource development and deep processing projects in the resource-rich regions, build continuous places of national important energy feport strategic resources and industries gathering areas, develop advantage industries such as characteristic agriculture and tourism.

Construct coal loading ports in northern China, coal transit and storage erport in eastern and southern China, large crude oil handling terminals in Dalian and other fpy, large iron ore handling terminals in Ningbo, Zhoushan and other ports, and container terminals in Shanghai, Tianjin and other ports.


Establish a sound financial service and credit guarantee system for SMEs, increase the size and percentage of lending to SMEs, and broaden channels of direct financing. Improve the marine disaster relief system, and strengthen the handling capability of marine emergencies. Improve laws and regulations on network and information security, the system of standards, and the system of certification and authentication for information security.

Key development in the region where resource environmental bearing capacity is relatively strong and economic and population concentration condition is relatively good.

Stick to the guidelines of conservation first, diversified development based on domestic resources and environmental protection. We will enhance comprehensive governance and improve the environment. Develop energy-saving and environment-friendly means and modes of transport, and fyl and pull highway transport greatly. Develop new building materials and products that meet green building requirements.

12th Five Year Plan Targets – Clear IAS

Protect legitimate 12tj and ban illegal income. Actively carry out the employment service for people with disabilities and vocational repport. Deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, speed up the reform of collective corporate owned by factories and the disposal of ‘debt turn to share’ assets, vigorously develop non-public economy and SMEs. Gradually increase the fund raising standard, level of guarantee and minimize the gap of urban medical insurance and rural cooperative medical care.

12th FYP, annual budget top agenda of upcoming National Council session – BBS | BBS

Clearly define the areas and standards of basic public service, facilitate the improvement of public finance system, secure the expenditure on basic public service, and strengthen the 12tg of performance evaluation and administrative accountability of basic public service. Insist on the basic state policies of family planning, gradually improve related policies.

Crack down the crimes of violence against women and abducting and trafficking women.

12fh Continuously promote the construction of population and family planning service systems, expand the service scope. We will strengthen the institution construction and human resource development, strengthen the resource protection, research and exploration and reasonable utilization, push forward quality certification and standard formulation.

We will accelerate the development of project planning, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory and other business management services.