The 12BE6 is a heptode or pentagrid valve. The heptode is classically pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 12BE6 was first introduced in 12BA6. 12BE6. Page 1. !! C. CE ELECTRONICS. 12BABE6. – DESCRIPTION AND RATING. BA6. 12BA6 Remote-Cutoff Pentode. The 12BA6 is a. electron Tube Data sheets – 1. 12BE6, General Electric, H, ( bytes). 12BE6, Brimar, H, ( bytes). 12BE6 photo, RCA (RC30).

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Collection of Niclas Pettersson S. The idea was to produce a single valve that not only mixed the oscillator signal and the received signal and produced its own oscillator signal at the same time but, importantly, did the mixing and the oscillating in different parts of the same valve. In the UK, the Postmaster General who was responsible for radio licensinglaid down a set of stringent rules concerning radio interference.

Because grid 2 was a datasheer anode in that it allowed part of the modulated electron stream through, the oscillator was coupled into the mixing section of the valve.

One of the things I enjoy when repairing my tube radios, is getting them to perform as well as they can.

Hot rodding AA5 radios

You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links. Collection of Werner Sticht D. I made a casual measurement of the performance improvement with the Teletone with a DC measurement of the AGC line: Mullard’s ECH81 became popular with the move to miniature nine-pin valves.


I datasjeet reusing the glass button from a dead 7 pin tube, but the tube metal would not solder. Haines of RCA applied for a patent for the pentagrid on 28 March subsequently granted on 29 March under US patent number 2, What was the goal to develop a reliable self-oscillating mixer?

Pentagrid converter

Perhaps someone knows of a “hot” Hexode-Triode. Thus a pentagrid radio could easily be converted to a triode-hexode without any other circuit modifications. Another disadvantage was that in spite of the presence of the screen grids, the electron beam, modulated by the oscillator electrodes, still had to pass through the signal grid, and coupling of the oscillator into the signal circuit was inevitable.

This was not considered a major problem in broadcast receivers where the signals were likely to be strong, but it became a problem when trying to receive weak signals that were close darasheet strong signals. Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F.

Thus the grid configuration was grid 1, signal input; grids 2 and 4 screen grids connected together – again, usually internally and grid 3 was the oscillator input. The clever bit was that 1be6 X41 was a direct plug-in pin-compatible replacement for the MX Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

The American devices although having no secondary emission due to the suppressor grid, nevertheless were able to get the required non linearity by biasing the oscillator such that the valve was overdriven.

12BA7 to 12BE6 or 12SA7

Grid 3 accepted the incoming signal. I managed to wedge the original 12SA7 in the lower left corner of the case. Collection of Massimo Pedrina I. Capacitor types Ceramic resonator Crystal oscillator Inductor Parametron Relay reed relay mercury switch. Other candidate pentodes with a compatible octal pinout and remote cutoff might be: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


12BE6 Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The 7pin plug for the 12BABE6 socket adapter is hard to find. The 12BA7 gives twice the conversion transconductance of the datasheet tubes. The first devices designed to change frequency in the manner described above seem to have been developed by the French, who simply put two grids into what would otherwise have been an ordinary triode valve the bi-grille.

List of vacuum tubes.

Further, they dictated that not more than datazheet electrode structure could be contained in a single envelope which would have evaded the royalty – at least in part. The cathode was connected to a secondary coil on the oscillator coil and thus datashet the oscillator into the pentode mixer section, the signal being applied to grid 1 in the conventional manner. I compared reception for three different stations:. In America, the configuration was different.

Collection of Emilio Focosi I.